A movie is hitting the theaters on my birthday that frankly I’m mad about because it is the perfect premise and I’m insanely jealous I did not come up with it. Of course, the guy who wrote Notting Hill and Love Actually did (Richard Curtis) and it’s being directed by Danny Boyle, who you might remember handled the duties with Slumdog Millionaire and exited the James Bond franchise’s latest installment.

So, yes I’m burying the lede. In Yesterday, a struggling musician wakes up after a mysterious global blackout to realize the Beatles have been erased from existence and he’s the only one to remember their songs. Of course, he embarks on a career of writing” the Beatles catalog. Passing off their songs as his, what follows is fame, fortune, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran’s bad advice, and my favorite British actress Lily James.

Watch the trailer. I cannot wait to see this movie.

February 12, 2019