Living in Crazy Times

Nicholas Bate has more Basics 7. This time focused on handling these trying times.

  1. Manage that which is under your control: your effort, your nutrition (mind, body, soul), your choices.

  2. Learn to relax about that which is not under your control. The universe has a bigger plan.

  3. Become your own expert (on money, food…) by reading original sources. Read deep more by reading shallow less. 

  4. One day at a time. Be here now.

  5. Spend much more time in nature walking and climbing; it offers huge stability, perspective and the longer view.

  6. Walk tall. So much is better than it ever was. So much is really cool. 

  7. Surf the craziness with the agility of someone who hates things being too dull.

January 27, 2019