Crusher of Sacred Cows

Matt Taibbi, writing in Rolling Stone, has turned his political attention to the latest darling of the Democrats: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. He outlines all the swipes at her from both sides of the aisle and how who she is, how she conducted her campaign, and how she uses her communication tools to maximum effect.

Here are the most interesting three sentences of the whole piece.

I have no idea if Ocasio-Cortez will or will not end up being a great politician. But it’s abundantly clear that her mere presence is unmasking many, if not most, of the worst and most tired Shibboleths of the capital.

Moreover, she’s laying bare the long-concealed fact that many of their core policies are wildly unpopular, and would be overturned in a heartbeat if we could somehow put them all to direct national referendum.

She is going to eviscerate the old way of doing things. In many ways, she already has.

Here’s a sentence of mine I’d never thought I’d write: I expect she’s going to run for President when she’s old enough.

January 26, 2019