You Should be Watching The Magicians

There is a handful of television that is a must-watch for me. Game of Thrones, Westworld, Doctor Who, The Expanse, Titans, Star Trek Discovery, and Criminal Minds to name the first few that come to mind are all excellent. For example, I’m really looking forward to the end of Game of Thrones and with six movie-length episodes it will be like watching an incredible marathon.

Still, the true guilty pleasure has been The Magicians. Yes, the one that’s Harry Potter for adults. After three seasons, it’s way more than that simple description now. In fact, Season Three probably has two of my all-time favorite moments in television and that’s saying something. The moment the entire cast sings Under Pressure to help them all deal with their various plights is silly and fun, but when Margo and Elliot speak in TV show… I lost it.

And that’s the best part. The show can do anything, has done just about everything and is wicked smart. The characters are heroic, flawed and real. The actors are diverse. The writing is bonkers, yet confronts real issues like trauma and mental illness. With Game of Thrones, I can theorize who will ultimately sit on the Iron Throne. I have no idea where I’m headed with each new episode of The Magicians and that’s refreshing.

Season four starts tomorrow. If you haven’t started watching, catch up.

January 22, 2019