Anticipate and Adapt to Thrive

Brian Clark of Further has a few thoughts about change that spoke to me.

Change is unsettling, and plenty of people hate it. But odds are you’re not going to stop it from happening, and you’ll just become more miserable by fighting the inevitable.

Why not spend your time anticipating change instead? Look at it clear-eyed and without wishful thinking, and give yourself the best shot of better dealing with changes as they come.

In other words, be prepared to adapt. From a biological standpoint, an adaptation is a change that helps you better survive in your environment. More than survive, adapting to change can also help you thrive.

You’ve heard over and over that change brings opportunity. And although change may also cause chaos, there’s a whole lot opportunity coming our way.

I need to embrace some of the opportunities coming my way.

January 17, 2019