The Crime and the Cover-up

Natasha Bertrand in The Atlantic has the full account of Friday’s sentencing memos for Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen and former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The memos offer the clearest indication yet of how investigators are encircling the president and perhaps reaching the climax of the 19-month probe into a potential conspiracy between Trump and Russia in 2016.”

She goes on to explain how this involves not only Cohen and Flynn, but Trump and his family as well.

It isn’t just Trump who may be in legal danger now that Cohen is cooperating—it’s also his family members, who Cohen admitted to briefing on the Trump Tower Moscow deal in 2016. According to Mueller, Cohen discussed the Moscow deal with Trump’s family members within” the Trump Organization. Donald Trump Jr., an executive vice president of the Trump Organization, told the Senate Judiciary Committee last year that he was only peripherally aware” of the Moscow deal in 2016.

Trump said last week that he was free to pursue business deals while he was running for president. But he never disclosed the deal publicly, and Cohen’s guilty plea clearly shows how he lied in the written statement to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees to conceal the Trump Organization’s ongoing involvement in the Moscow project from January through June 2016, with the campaign under way.

The saying goes, it isn’t so much the crime as it is the cover-up.” I’m beginning to believe in this situation it’s not only the crime, but also the cover-up.

It will be interesting to see what happens once Don Jr. and Jared are indicted. None of this is normal. None. Of. This.

December 8, 2018

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