Gene Simmons and His Mother

Apparently, the KISS press kit circa 1975 mentioned Gene Simmons being hatched from a dinosaur egg. As you might imagine, that wasn’t true. In fact, he was brought to the United States from Israel by his mother Florence. She was a Holocaust survivor and really the most important person in Gene’s life.

Paul Stanley, Gene’s musical and business partner for nearly 50 years, mentioned Florence passed away on his Instagram account.

Gene’s mother Florence Lubowski has passed away. I knew her as long as I’ve known Gene. Beyond her fierce love and pride in her only child she was his inspiration to live up to being worthy of the sacrifices she made in a very difficult and at times horrific life. A holocaust survivor she fought for all she had and her fierce protection and pride in Gene made her someone to be feared, admired and loved. I will miss her laugh and smile. Let us all say a prayer for her, Gene and his family.

Gene followed up on his Instagram account.

I lost my Mother. My mentor. My moral compass. And I am heartbroken. 😞 My Mother, Flora Klein passed away at 93 years of age. No illness. No pain. She simply quietly, went to sleep. My Mother will always be in my thoughts and in my heart. Today. And Forever. And I would urge all of you, to run over, put your arms around your mother, kiss her and tell her how much you love her. Do this every day!

This clip of Gene and his Mom from Gene Simmons Family Jewels is sweet, but Gene talking with Dan Rather for his AXS show about the two of them entering the United States might make you cry.

December 7, 2018