Recently, through one of my newsletters, I found a link to Beto O’Rourke’s Medium collection. He has a couple of essays up, but the first one about running is tremendous. He writes of a time running in Washington passing by the Mall, seeing other runners, feeling the winds change, and being inspired by the Lincoln Memorial. It wasn’t so much a metaphor for him running for President as it was an open challenge to himself.

M. G. Siegler had a smart thought:

If Beto O’Rourke did this as a play on the he’s running” meme, this is one of the most brilliant maneuvers ever. Either way, it’s great to see a high-profile would-be candidate writing like this. Just Beto Blogging.

I can think of no other politician that has captured the imagination of the country like this since Obama. Even though he didn’t win his state Senate race, his campaign blossomed into one not just about Texas but the nation. Coming from out of relative obscurity and nearly beating an entrenched opponent in a state traditionally opposed to his point of view, he still feels like a winner.

It is without question I’m going to be utterly exhausted with the next presidential campaign. Still, it would be nice to feel inspired again.

December 4, 2018