The Word

Nicholas Bate asks his readers to choose a word for 2019 and lists 101 ideas.

Choose a word. Any word. One word. Make it yours. Whiteboard it. Write it every day on your planner, put the word on a handful of 3 by 5 cards and place them in strategic places as an ever-present reminder. Get a personal T-shirt printed with it. Learn it in ten other languages. Grab it now: meditate on it, reflect on it; live it, breathe it and nurture it. For 2019.

Even before I saw his post, I was thinking along the same lines. My wife asked me what my word was going to be in 2019 and we brainstormed a bit. Her word is Rhythm.” She decided she most wanted to work on work/life balance, but realized it would never be truly balanced. There would be ups and downs within both of these areas. Her goal then would be to better understand the wave and instead of cresting and crashing, find the rhythm.

For me, I had lots of ideas of things I wanted to accomplish in the new year. I want to be more present with my family, bond on a more adult level with my adult daughter, listen better across the board and stop making assumptions, be more creative and finish a couple of big projects with proper tracking and deadlines, eat better and exercise more and with a purpose.

I settled on Connect” as my word of the year. Connect with friends and family. Connect my health with my choices. Connect my creativity with my output.

What will your word be?

December 31, 2018

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