Every Single Video Prince Ever Made

Recently, Prince’s estate released his whole video catalog in high resolution. With this incredible collection available, Prince super fan Anil Dash created a website embedding the entire list.

Now, the truth is, most of Prince’s videos just aren’t that great. Especially when considered in comparison to the sheer mind-boggling breadth of Prince’s genius, or the groundbreaking video innovation of his pop contemporaries like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson and Madonna, the fact that Prince has fewer truly extraordinary music videos is a stark contrast. But as with all things Prince, when he was doing his best, there was absolutely nobody better.

Here, then, is a look at all of Prince’s music videos, in chronological order. Most of these writeups began as an ongoing Twitter thread that I’ve been updating as the estate released new videos (Questlove said it was worthy of his NYU class!) but here I’ve updated and expanded all the information on each video.

I’m not that big of a Prince fan to fall down this amazing rabbit hole, but your mileage may vary.

November 28, 2018