Giving Thanks

On Thanksgiving this year, we pulled out videos taken more than twenty years ago of Thanksgiving’s of old. I knew I’d see a few people who have left us too soon — an uncle, a cousin. I knew I’d see my ex-wife.

I didn’t know I’d see my grandma. She rarely showed up for Thanksgiving at our house because we still had a Thanksgiving at her house to go to like a day or two later. I became slightly emotional.

As I’ve gotten older, Thanksgiving is a small, immediate family affair. It’s good to reminisce and smile at the larger, more involved holidays of the past, but I think I prefer the more intimate gathering

Still, seeing grandma made me reflect on what the day is really for, giving thanks for the good things in my life now and in the past. I was so thankful I had my grandma in my life growing up. She was there nearly every day of my young life and a good many years after.

I hope I’m a person that people are thankful for that I’m in their lives. I want to give as much as I can for my friends and family. I hope I am.

I also hope this Thanksgiving finds you, dear reader, thinking of your blessings, of the ones no longer celebrating, and of the ones around you who are important and loved.

Give thanks.

November 22, 2018