The Walls Have Crumbled

Political scientist and journalist David Rothkopf says Trump’s days in the White House are numbered. Here are a few of the points he made in his Twitter thread:

No one knows the skeletons in Donald Trump’s closet better than Donald Trump. No one knows the crimes he has committed, aided or abetted so well. No one has such a firm grasp on the wrong-doing that was the daily bread of the Trump Organization, his children & close associates.

The world ridicules and rejects him. They have figured out his games. They see through his lies and his racism. He himself knows his base of bases is comprised not of America’s best but of its worst. He calls them the super-elite” but he can smell his own BS.

He hides himself away as he does in the White House every day now, going out into public only into meetings where the crowds can be counted on to cheer. And that is fewer and fewer places these days.

Abraham Lincoln once said the only way America could be brought down is from within. Trump’s presidency has been cited frequently as the greatest example of such a threat in modern times. But Lincoln’s warning can be extended further.

Ultimately Trump too will be brought down from within, by the ghosts of his own past, by the secrets only he knows. The walls have crumbled. So too, very soon, will this weak, corrupted, cowardly, ignorant, racist, incompetent, pathetic excuse for a man.

It can’t happen soon enough.

November 10, 2018