What Seven Dave Grohls Have to Say

Spencer Kornhaber in The Atlantic has a story about Dave Grohl’s new project―Play.

Dave Grohl walks into the studio. Dave Grohl walks in behind him. Then another Dave Grohl, and another. Seven dudes of identical stringy hair and varying tees: This is the committee to evangelize rock and roll, or so goes one implication of Dave Grohl’s mildly baffling new project Play.”

I don’t quite understand the baffling part. He’s playing all the parts. He’s a one man studio. That’s the bit with the multiple Grohls. It’s not a stunt. It’s ah, I get that” funny and nothing else. Kornhaber tacks on more meaning than it’s worth and makes the whole piece read weird.

The Play project is set up to inspire the next generation of musicians. You have to applaud that bit of romanticism.

August 10, 2018